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Essential Oils
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Bahan-bahan yang digunakan:

-Berasaskan minyak pati tumbuhan @ essentialoil (EO).

-Mendapat kelulusan KKM.

-Tidak mengandungi paraben, SLS dan bahan kimia.

-Produk muslim.

-Boleh digunakan daripada peringkat bayi sehingga dewasa.

-Selamat digunakan.


- Calming effect for Mother and Baby

- Good for Pregnancy mummy to help stabilize the emotion

- Good to help with stretch mark during and after pregnancy

- Help baby to have deep sleep during and after confienment


•Diffuse to create focused environment
•Add to skincare to reduce appearance of aging
•Add to bath water to reduce temperature
•Add to drink to detox
  • Support increase of Energy Level
  • Whole Body Health
  • Support eye health
  • Overall wellness
  • Powerful anti-oxidants for skin and body health
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